SSL Certificates

Comodo Free SSL Certificate is a 128/256 bit SSL Certificate designed to secure web sites, as well as intranets and extranets. Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet users, Comodo FREE SSL is the perfect solution to test functionality of an SSL Certificate.
Comodo TRIAL SSL Certificates do not carry warranty.
Comodo PositiveSSL - Domain Validated
The Domain Validation SSL Certificate is a cheap ssl certificate which is fast and of a high quality. It is a 256-bit certificate and has great browser compatibility. It is possible to get it working within just three minutes and quick and easy to set up.
The Domain Validation SSL Certificate is an entry level one, cheap ssl certificate which allows for SSL domain validation. It produces a yellow lock on the address line so customers can see that their data is being kept private and being encrypted. It is the right choice for small online stores or entry level websites. There are no papers needed in order to get one.
Multi Domain SSL
Multi Domain SSL Certificate will allow you to secure anything from 3 to 213 domains and sub domains. It means that you will not need to deal with multiple certificates and so things are a lot easier. It is possible to secure any domain or common names using just the one certificate.
Multi Domain SSL Certificate is perfect for companies that have lots of domain names on the same server. They will provide great security and trust from customers without such a big expense. Each of the Multi Domain SSL Certificate will have 3 domains already and then up to 210 more can be added if required, at a low price. This will make everything much easier to manage, rather than having to buy multiple certificates.
Wildcard SSL
Whether you are large company or a web host, the benefits of a Wildcard Certificate are apparent. Through a single Wildcard Certificate you can secure as many subdomains belonging to a specified domain name as you can use. For example, a single Wildcard Certificate for * can be used for
One of the most cost-effective products in the SSL Certificates Industry is Wildcard SSL Certificate. 256 bit SSL Certificate, designed for encrypting web sites for low volume online transactions.
Each certificate comes with unlimited server licensing included in the price – meaning you are free to install it on as many physical servers as you wish.
Trusted by over 99.9% of current Internet users, Wildcard SSL Certificate is the solution for new websites or environments where trust has been established and entity verification (for identity assurance) is not needed.
Wildcard SSL Certificate carry a $10,000 warranty.
Extended Validation SSL
This is an extended validation ssl certificate which provides trust from your customers. You will get a green address bar which will show your visitors that your website is safe to use. This is the cheapest EV SSL certificate that gives the green address bar.
What is an EV SSL certificate?
An Extended Validation SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to your website.
Extended Validation SSL certificate
The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that your site is secure – immediately giving them the confidence to complete their transaction.
Green address bar provides immediate trust and helps customer conversion
2048-bit, highest assurance SSL Certificate, with 99.9% Browser Recognition
Priority phone support
Free TrustLogo for unlimited server licenses
$1,750,000 relying party warranty